How Do We Make Our T-Shirts?

How do we create our T-shirts?
We use a process to create our shirts called Direct To Garment Printing.
What is Direct To Garment Printing?
Take a Look!
Direct To Garment Printers
Shirts are Loaded into a frame to keep them position perfectly to keep your images straight!
T-Shirt Being Loaded In
A white under base is applied over the print area!
White Underbase
Then the Colors are added unlike Screen Printing we are not restricted by the amount of colors needed to be printed. As long as its in CMYK colors we can print it!
Once printed the shirt is carefully removed and placed into a dryer to make sure the ink cures properly so that it will sustain use and washes!
shirt being removed from frame
Once it is cured it is inspected for any defects and then packaged for shipping!placing into clear plastic bag
Ready to be shipped out!
shirts waiting shipping in basket
Scanned to ensure the correct product goes to the right customer!
Carefully packaged and about ready to ship in discreet packaging!
Shipping labels and out the door to your door!